Monday, 12 March 2012

A lot of my friends and followers have asked about Clarins - it's obvious that we like their products but we're not sure about their safety. I've had a good look into this and found that while some of their products are paraben-free, others are not. One of their best-sellers, the gentle day cream contains methylparaben. But if you want to try a paraben-free moisturiser you could try Clarins HydraQuench.

However, I would not want to advertise any of Clarins' products as 'natural'. Whilst around 90 per cent of their ingredients are derived from plants they do use some chemicals in their products. All of these chemicals have been certified as safe but if you want a totally natural product then I would shop around and try another brand. The HydraQuench for example contains Sodium Lauryl Sulfate. Some experts believe this is just as risky as parabens. Tests in America found it easily penetrates the skin and remains in the body for some time and in the cleaning industry it's also used in floor cleaners and car wash soaps, so personally, I wouldn't want to use it on my skin. If you are unsure about an ingredient listed on a product, you can always run it through the American Cosmetic Safety Database - - this should help you gather more information.


  1. Awesome post! I recently did a post about SLS on my own blog :)

  2. Though Parabens are the effective preservative in cosmetics but they have proved to be the root cause of many fatal diseases. Paraben Free Skincare products are the best options. Always choose the paraben free skin products.