Monday, 9 July 2012

Eyes are sensitive, so it's great to choose a paraben free and hypoallergenic eye liner.  Try the Autograph Soft Kohl eyeliner at M&S. It's only £6 and comes in four colours, black, brown, charcoal and dark blue. Lots of pencils I've used tend to smudge and disappear - even from top end brands, but this is the best. I use an eye primer and it stays in place all day.




  1. I purchased this - thanks for the recommendation, I think the info you provide is brill!

    I note on the pencil it says hypoallergenic but it doesnt say paraben free so I was wondering how we know it is?

  2. Hi Lisa - thanks for the feedback. I'm really glad you like the blog and find it useful. M&S confirm on their website that this pencil is paraben free. It's not always easy to check as companies seem to provide the bare minimum information but if I can't find out then I normally approach their PR teams. Thanks again