Tuesday, 31 January 2012

I have great news. Liz Earle's award-winning Cleanse and Polish with Hot Cloth Cleanser is paraben-free. Her products are all natural and mainly preservative free. This one is a must try. It made my skin feel so clean and refreshed and Liz's little muslin cloths are apparently popping up in bathrooms all over Britain. It contains cocoa butter, extracts from the hop plant and rosemary essential oil, which is said to have antioxidant  properties.

The cleanse and polish is £13.75 at uk.lizearle.com for a starter kit. I actually got a free one when I ordered something else from her site  - and she's recently started stocking in John Lewis.

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  1. What you wrote is incorrect as some of her products have parabens and propylene glycol amongst other chemicals .i used every single product from her range and i can tell you the Mask and Eye bright have all 3 parabens in them. Her products are not 100% natural,she never stated that.