Friday, 13 January 2012

Now it's time to look after your face. Superdrug offers a Tea Tree face scrub and some cleansing wipes, which are great for taking the make-up off late at night. And the important thing, both paraben-free! The scrub is a bargain compared to most eco-friendly products at only £2.99 for 75 ml.

Both of these products contain lots of natural ingredients including peppermint and tea tree so enjoy! If you're not a fan of tea tree or find it too strong for your face then I'd recommend Good Things Cleansing Wipes Raspberry and Cranberry £3.49. These are free of parabens, mineral oils, Sodium Laureth Sulphate and Animal Ingredients. Also available at

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  1. Found a terrific site that has parabens free organic skincare.

    they use indian herbs in their products. luv it. :)